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OUR Story

Customer Raves

"We hired then to play our restaurant and the customers loved them! Patrons wouldn't leave. Both the staff and customers loved them so much we had to start bringing them in almost every week. Island Style is so good and so much fun that I'm having them play at my wedding!" 

– Jody Howllett           My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, Owner


"LOVE, LOVE these guys! They are having so much fun that everyone around them can't help but join in."

–  Adam Schaeffer        Happy Jack's Pub and Grill, Owner 


"Some of the best live entertainment that we've ever had! Looing forward to having them back."

– Kenneth Jones            Uncle's Sports Bar, Owner

In the beginning God created......ISLAND STYLE!

Ok maybe not in the beginning beginning, but I bet when he did he had to rest....and it was GOOD!


ALOOOOHA! Our Story is simple, a lot like us. Ryan and Darryn started playing some of thier favorite songs and all of the tunes they played had this really cool ISLAND STYLE. From Regae to Country and a little bit of everything in between. Topped off with some Jawaiian music to put a cherry on top and you've got ISLAND STYLE.  


Let us share a little of the Aloha Spirit with you!

              Mahalo Nui Loa